For my theater friends....


Click here for a PDF of the stage layout. I drew it quick so get over it.......

The apron is divided into 3 sections, each section is automated with a 12" Gala spiral Lift system (E.G. 3 pit sections independently mobile). Upstage of the pit, but downstage of the main drape is a hydraulically operated (automated) trap w/elevator. then upstage of the main drape is the computerized 23' diameter turtable. Within the turntable there are 5 automated lifts that elevate from deck to +5' to form a large square if they are all raised together. The turntable can rotate with the lifts operating within it.

Stage Spec:

Proc opening: 47' 4"

Apron Depth: 31' 8.5"

Stage Depth: 16' 2"

Turntable Dia.: 22' 11"

Lift Width: 14' 9"

Electric's length: 45' 0"

4 Pop-up SfX portals

2 Underatage Jem Heavy Fog 6500 systems

ZFXflying winch lift system for our aerial acrobatic act

Automated safety net system 3' below deck inside the open pit for "fall-in"effects


Lighting info; All electrics are fixed in place as rigidly hung truss. Conventionals are operated on 4 ETC Sensor 96 Racks, and moving lights are operated on a system called Canalis which also operates the houselights. Intelligent lights are controlled by a HES WholeHog II console, Conventionals and scrollers are controled by an ETC Obsession II (tandem processor units), and the DL1's are controlled by a Hog PC & Catalyst. As if thats not enough, there are 40 flame FX units built into the walls of the house behind the seats, as well as a 6 point laser system. We also utilize a French piece of equipment made by ETC (Not ETC electronic Theater Controls) called a PiGi. This beast is a larfe format scene projector It uses stationary large format film (looks like a movie film but way larger)to project images, patterns etc. Show control and synchronization is maintained by a Dataton computer which generates timecode based on a cuelist that runs within the computer. Once GO is initiated at top of show in the Dataton, it controls the hog, Hog PC, Obsession, Audio FX playback (CD, MD), Mute presets on the audio console (Crest), all functions of the video matrix switchers, cue'ing of all video FX (Beta, DVD, and VHS), and operation of all automated rigging, pit, and trap movements, as well as any other SFX such as pyro, smoke, and lasers.<phew!>

Lx Fixture Inventory (all inventory is hung and operational)

6- MR16 mini strips



18- Color Pro HX

36- Cyberlight SV Std.

4- TechnoBeam Std. 17.5deg.

18- Dataflash AF1000

6- Digital Light Curtain 8

12- StudioColor 575S

12- StudioSpot 575S

50- Houselights

15- Par 36

150- Wybron ColorRam II 25 pos. Scrollers

10- SourceFour 10deg

4- SourceFour 19deg.

123- SourceFour 26 deg.

61- sourceFour PAR

4- Strand SL 26deg. (dont ask me why, I have absolutely NO idea!)

2- Fiberoptic full stage travelers (black)

2- fiber-optic borders (black)

6- Fiber-optic hard legs (black)