Hubbard Glacier, Alaska (cruising)


To view hubbard glacier and the several smaller glaciers nearby, the ship must pull into a protected glacial cove. There is only room enough for 1 ship to maneauver in the cove so if the vessel approaches and finds another ship already in the cove, they have to wait their turn to enter. Once we entered the cove we came within about 1/2 mile of the glacial face, rotated 180 degrees in place and headed back out. The iceflows coming from the glacial face were dense today, later in the season we will come within 1/8 mile of the face. The icewall is 300+ feet high, on top of 1500 ft of water (at the point where it is calving from land into water), and it is 2000 ft to the summit of the mountains on either side of the glacial valley that is being carved. Keep in mind, the mountains in these pictures are only the hop porrtion of the mountains, they go deep unerwater. | Travel | San Francisco | Hubbard Glacier