My Travels Onboard the GTS Infinity
Updated: 5 JUL 07   Current Location: Juneau, AK  

Coming From:
Hubbard glacier, AK


For anyone who doesnt now already, I am working onboard the Celebrity Cruises ship GTS Infinity as the Chief Lighting Engineer. I joined the ship May 7 in San Francisco, CA. We have traveled up the west coast of the USA, Canada, and now into Alaska. It has taken a week, but I have settled into the pattern of life on board or as seasoned crew says "life on ships." I get to go ashore in nearly all ports except for the rare occasion that there is something going on in the theater in the middle of the day.

NEWS: For those of you who called me worried, the ship that ran aground in Juneau was not the ship I am on. That was a very small paddle wheel ship carrying about 230 passengers, Infinity (the ship I am on) can carry a max of 2400 passengers and 960 crew.
DryDock Update: when I joined the ship i found out quickly that i was boarding a broken vessel. We currently have one Drive-Pod (think engine/propeller) inoperative which has capped our top speed at 19 knots instead of our ideal top speed of 23 knots. Due to this drive-pod being in-op the captain has chosen to not use our stabilizers as that would slow us down further. So we sail overnight May 20 to Victoria, BC to go into drydock the morning of May 21. We will remain in drydock for that entire week, leaving on May 27. While in drydock I will work 10-6 most days doing maintenance in the theater and will be off the ship the rest of the time..
Going Away Party 5/3/07   Dry-Dock, Victoria BC 06/21/07      
San Francisco, CA 5/6/07   Crew Parties onboard 06/22/07      
Skagway, Alaska 5/16/07   Icy Strait Point zipline 07/05/07      
Hubbard Glacier, Alaska 5/17/07   Hoonah, AK Whale Watching 7/9/07      
Celebrity Theater Spec & Info 5/18/07   Cruising the Inside Passage 7/9/07